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Temple of Modren; Map 1 (Digital DM's Version)

Temple of Modren; Map 1 (Digital DM & Player Versions)

Thess hi-res encounter maps were originally commissioned for the RPG scenario Temple of Modren. Included in the World of Aetaltis starter setting book Heroes of Thornwall, this exciting fantasy adventure was created for use with the Pathfinder RPG system by Marc Tassin and published by Mechanical Muse.

In one simple download you get high resolution DM, unlabeled player, & ungridded versions of the encounter maps as well as streamlined VTT versions that are easily incorporated into your favorite virtual tabletop software. Newly remastered and sized at a massive 17922 x 23043 pixels, these true 1" to 5' scale battle maps are perfect for home printing or screen display. Purchase now to help run your Aetaltis adventure or use them on their own to spice up your home brew game. Want a pre-printed poster of the artwork that's ready for tabletop use instead of the digital file? Then make sure to order your battle map print here and have it shipped to your door just in time for your next game night.

Bonus: To follow the Temple of Modren storyline and download the next map in the adventure then make sure to purchase it here.