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This collection of premium posters and vinyl banner prints of my artwork from the D&D adventure collection Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos was designed with tabletop gameplay in mind. The battle map encounter prints are perfectly sized to a 1 inch grid for use with miniatures in addition to being both durable and beautifully evocative. Order your prints today for quick shipping and take your next game night to a whole new level.
Strixhaven; Biblioplex - 1st Floor (Battlemap Print)Strixhaven; Biblioplex - Upper Floors (Battlemap Print)Strixhaven; Sedgemoor (Battlemap Print)Strixhaven; Wiltroot Hall (Battle Map Print)Strixhaven; Strixhaven Stadium (Battlemap Print)Strixhaven; Strixhaven Stadium - Locker Room (Battlemap Print)Strixhaven; Furygale (Battlemap Print)Strixhaven; Detention Bog (Battlemap Print)Strixhaven; Fortress Badlands (Battlemap Print)Strixhaven; Ruins of Caerdoon (Battle Map Print)