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This collection of hi-res maps were created for the 5th Edition D&D/MTG crossover adventure collection Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos. Explore the multiverse of Magic: The Gathering's fantastical Strixhaven University like never before! The bundled discount pack includes my full set of eight maps but you're welcome to pick and choose the pieces you'd like à la carte for a delicious addition to your game night.
Map Bundle: Strixhaven; A Curriculum of Chaos (8 Digital DM & Player Maps) $12Strixhaven; Biblioplex (Digital DM & Players Versions) $2.50Strixhaven; Strixhaven Stadium (Digital DM & Players Versions)Strixhaven; Wiltroot Hall (Digital DM & Players Versions) $2.50Strixhaven; Sedgemoor (Digital DM & Players Versions) $2.50Strixhaven; Furygale Repository (Digital DM & Players Versions) $2.50Strixhaven; The Detention Bog (Digital DM & Players Versions) $2.50Strixhaven; Fortress Badlands (Digital DM & Players Versions) $2.50Strixhaven; Ruins of Caerdoon (Digital DM & Players Versions) $2.50