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Hochoch; Isometric (Digital DM & Player Versions) $2

Hochoch (Digital DM & Player Versions) $2.50

My map of the D&D city of Hochoch from the world of Greyhawk was first published in issue #418 of Dragon Magazine. It was originally created to accompany the article Backdrop: Hochoch by writer and artist Claudio Pozas. An archetypal fantasy city drawn in isometric view, this classic location is the epitome of what makes Flanaess great!

In one simple download you get both the large tagged DM's version of the map and also a crystal clear unobstructed player's version easily incorporated into your tabletop campaign or home brew setting.

Sized at 4691 x 3600 pixels, this large digital city map is perfect for home printing or screen display and works great with your favorite VTT software. Purchase it now to help bring life to the World of Greyhawk or use it on its own and spice up your game night creations. Enjoy!