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Exemplars of Evil Map Bundle (29 Digital DM & Player Maps)

Exemplars of Evil Map Bundle (29 Digital DM & Player Maps)

This collection of twenty nine fantasy RPG maps was originally created for the D&D 3.5 game supplement Exemplars of Evil. Designed by Robert J. Schwalb, the classic tomb was written to help you create the biggest, baddest arch-villains imaginable and comes complete with a wealth of deadly lairs for them to plot your players demise within. Above all else though, this wicked handbook helps you craft distinctive, unforgettable villains that spark the imagination and bring players back to the table again and again.

Samples of a few of the maps within the set include: Zar'Fel, Tolstoff Keep, Chelicerata Complex, The Much Kill, Soth Tarnel, Gilgirn, Bleak Hold, and Imer the Lost.

In one simple download you get all of the maps from this massive adventure, including DM and player versions as well as un-gridded renderings of the battle maps that are perfect for use with any virtual tabletop software. Purchase the set today for use with the original game supplement or import the artwork into your own home brew campaign.

P.S. For a quick and easy tutorial on resizing digital battle maps for printing and use with miniatures, make sure to visit Schley's Tutorials.