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Curse of Strahd;

Curse of Strahd; Elevator Trap Diagram (Digital DM & Player Versions)

This elevator tram diagram was originally created as part of the D&D RPG adventure Curse of Strahd.

Ravenloft and the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich are back for 5th edition in this massive new adventure from Wizards of the Coast. Will your players survive the Demiplane of Dread or shall they be the Count's next main course?

In one simple download you get both the DM and players versions of the map as well as an un-gridded rendering well suited for use with any virtual tabletop software. Sized at 2400 x 6600 pixels, it's perfect for home printing or screen display. Purchase the map today for use with the original game supplement or import the artwork into your own home brew campaign.

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