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Date modified10-Jun-14 21:58
Temple of the Sky God: Side B (Digital)

Temple of the Sky God: Side B (Digital)

A huge hi-res version of the poster sized battle map (Side B) included in the D&D Lair Assault adventure Temple of the Sky God.

Created in collaboration with the fantastic authors Greg Bilsland and Doug Hyatt, this scenario sends our intrepid adventurers off to investigate disturbing events around the floating oracle known as the "Voice of the Wind". What are those howls drifting on the breeze? Hop on a flying mount and find out!

In one simple download you get both a gridded and un-gridded version of this massive map. Sized at 6450 x 9150 pixels, this true mini-scale battle map is perfect for home printing or screen display and works great with your favorite virtual tabletop software. Purchase it now to help run the adventure or use it on its own and spice up your home brew game.