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Map Bundle: Keep on the Shadowfell; H1 Adventure + Bonus Content (12 Digital DM & Player Maps) $15

Keep on the Shadowfell; H1 Adventure + Bonus Content Map Bundle (12 Digital DM & Player Maps)

These twelve adventure maps were originally created for the D&D supplement Keep on the Shadowfell. In addition, this bundled set also includes bonus content from Dungeon Magazine issue #155 designed to expand on the story and help incorporate the content into various campaign worlds. Written by Mike Mearls and Bruce R. Cordell, this introductory D&D adventure is designed for new 1st–3rd level characters.

In one simple download you get both marked DM and unmarked player versions of all the maps from this classic D&D adventure. Purchase the set today for use with the original game supplement or import the artwork into your own home brew campaign. For a preview of what's included, take a look at my full Keep on the Shadowfell map set.

P.S. For a quick and easy tutorial on resizing digital battle maps for printing and use with miniatures, make sure to visit Schley's Tutorials.