Beginning in 2001, my career as a professional artist has included both in-house and independent roles within the worlds of fantasy and science fiction publishing. Over the years I have found myself in a variety of positions including lead designer, art director and freelance illustrator. These experiences have helped to inform my body of work and this breadth of knowledge acts to support both my own work as well my understanding of the way that my contributions are incorporated into the projects that they are a part of. As an illustrator and cartographer I've created a large number of pieces for book and game publishers such as Wizards of the Coast, Scholastic Books, and HarperCollins Publishing. Of these, I am most recognized for my development of environmental artwork and maps for the fantastical worlds of Dungeons & Dragons. 


    Storytelling and visual narrative intrigue me and serve to compliment the formal elements of my work. In addition, the suggestion of things hinted at but yet to be discovered offers a compelling invitation to the minds of my audience and is personally fascinating to me as an artist. As an illustrator, I am most often tasked to spark the readers imaginations and provide them with seeds for further exploration within their own own minds eye. For me, creating artwork that is a portal of sorts is the most rewarding aspect of what I do and has provided a deep well of motivation and creative fulfillment over the years.

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